Wednesday, 3 October 2018

How to Clean a Mattress Cover?

Mites, dust, dirt, bugs and dead skin cells are common things that you could expect to find on your mattress. As all these allergens love moist and warm environment they love to stay on your mattress and spread their colony. Though they are harmless, their dropping and the body odors can cause cold when you lay on your mattress.
The sweat and the dead skin cells are the great couples that are hazardous to your health. To get rid of all these creepy allergens you must clean your mattress on a regular basis.
Simple Ways of Cleaning the Mattress Cover
Cleaning the mattress cover is pretty easy, for the good start, check the mattress cover tag carefully and read all the instruction about washing the mattress cover. If your mattress cover needs simple wash then it is easy, just wash your mattress cover in the delicate cycle mode.
If your mattress cover is made of is cotton or other delicate materials try to hand wash the covers to avoid the damages. If you find dry wash option on the mattress instruction tag, call the Professionals Mattress Cleaning and hand over the job to them.
Clean the mattress cover very frequently the same as you clean your bed sheets or vacuum the mattress cover frequently to eliminate all the pesky allergens from it.

Here Are Top 9 Habits to Follow on a Regular Basis
  1. Change the bed sheets once or twice in a week
  2. Rotate the mattress every month to make sure even wear and tear
  3. Flip your mattress once in three months
  4. Try to keep the liquids away from your bed to avoid spillages on the mattress. You should take extra care especially when you have foam or memory foam mattress.
  5. Place the mattress protector on the mattress because prevention is better than cure
  6. Vacuum your mattress on a regular basis to eliminate the dust, mites, dirt, dead skin cells and bugs etc.
  7. Decrease the temperature of your bedroom because the bacteria, mites, and bugs love only warm temperature.
  8. Avoid placing houseplants as the insects, dust, and pollens can enter your house easily.
  9. Air out your mattress regularly, try to place your mattress out during a sunny day and dry them well under the natural ventilation. This will help you to eliminate the mildew and mold.

How to Sanitize and Disinfect the Mattress
  • Remove the beddings
  • Use the upholstery attachment in the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress thoroughly
  • Clean the stains on the mattress by following the stain removing techniques
  • Dry your mattress outside under proper ventilation for few hours
  • Do Mattress Steam Cleaning regularly and sprinkle the baking soda and leave it for few hours and vacuum the mattress thoroughly
  • Spray an antibacterial liquid on the mattress and wipe it clearly with a clean cloth
How to Remove the Odors from the Mattress
  • Take a bowl and prepare a mixture of the same proportion of vinegar and laundry detergent with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 drop of disinfectant. Add water to this mixture and make a smooth paste
  • Apply the mixture on the stains and dab it with a clean cloth, now wipe the area with clean water
  • Add a generous quantity of baking soda on the mattress and leave it for few hours
  • Vacuum the mattress thoroughly use the anti-odor spray to remove the odor from the mattress
Follow the tips mentioned above and keep the mattress clean on the go!

Friday, 20 July 2018

Why scheduled mattress cleaning is important?

Fresh Mattress Cleaning of Melbourne is the first all natural, chemical-free mattress cleaning company in Melbourne using the Hygiene-tech cleaning system. Tiny microscopic creatures called dust mites are an important cause of allergic response to home dust and as many as ten percent percent of the general population and 90 percent of people with allergic asthma are responsive to dust mites. Recent studies in the Mattress Cleaning Melbourne propose that at least 45 percent of young people with asthma are allergic to dust mites. 

In this busy time it is normal to discover no time for cleaning your Mattress. So a large amount of soil and dust mites may build up at the corners of your luxurious Mattress. Your Mattress should be cleaned with the most excellent cleaning system that is organic and also environment-friendly, Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne is a brand name that is only intended towards the better service-lower cost Mattress cleaning. We have a knowledgeable management along with expert employees who are always excited to cover up all your cleaning requirements in Melbourne. King Size Mattress Cleaning is a reputed firm and we use only organic products to clean your Mattress whatever the material is. Our environment-friendly products are highly efficient on every and each material from which the Mattress is made of, whether it is leather or fabric. 

Our special formula consists of a Fluor polymer that makes the earth and dust mites come to the surface making it easier for our specialists to clean your Residential Mattress Cleaning Melbourne in an organic way. We then use a product that slows down the vanishing of oils and chemicals used in it at the time of tanning making it live long. If you want to know about the Mattress cleaning services we are giving here in Melbourne, feel, free to call 1300 223 762 us. You will obtain a no obligation estimate and can attain free coupons also only at Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

To Remove A Urine Stain From A Sleep Number Bed

When you get a Sleep Number bed, the prospects of rest change radically; you realize the big difference sleeping in a normal bed makes compared to a Sleep Number. That's why we know what a nightmare it can be for you to discover a urine stain on your Sleep Number bed.

But don't get anxious, even if it's something that fills you with anger for the moment, it can be solved and, even if you find it hard to believe it, in a simple way.


Do you think sleeping on the most comfortable Mattress Cleaning is the best way to rest? You may not know the Sleep Number beds. These beds have taken the concept of the night (or day) rest to other dimensions never dreamed of.

After installing it you will only have to wait 15 minutes and it will begin to monitor your rest. Like all Sleep Number products, the smart mattress is divided into two different comfort zones, which can be customized through some air chambers located inside that swell and deflate to change the consistency of the mattress. These beds can monitor your sleep phases and send the data collected to a connected application.

The solution for urine stains on your Sleep Number.

Considering the time and money you've invested in your Sleep Number bed, it's quite logical that you want to take care of it as much as possible. Discovering a urine stain on your mattress steam cleaning can be frustrating, but not something you can't fix. We'll show you how you can fix this.

You will need a spray dispenser, a kitchen scale, a funnel and a spoon. Take all the ingredients and, if you have children, leave them in the living room to play with while you start making the mixture.
·  240 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3% (you can buy it in any pharmacy or supermarket).
·  3 tablespoons (45 g) of baking soda.
·  1 drop of liquid dishwashing detergent.

Mix all ingredients together inside the spray dispenser. Prepare the mixture only when you need it, it is much more effective if you use it immediately. Do not store the residual mixture, as it will soon lose its effectiveness.

As a last step, add a drop of liquid dish soap. Wait for the baking soda to dissolve completely and only then add the soap to make it shiny.

Mix carefully and then spray the solution of Mattress onto the area to be treated. After carefully mixing all ingredients in the spray dispenser, apply a generous amount to the stain. With this you can remove urine stains from your Sleep Number bed easily.

You should see the stain disappear in 5-10 minutes. Dry the area using a fan, your job is done!

You can contact any professional service if you need more advice on how to remove a urine stain from your Sleep Number bed, it is very simple and costs only a few dollars, you can keep your bed in perfect condition, free of stains and fully recovered.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Secret Of Mattress Cleaning Business - How to Manual

A Mattress Cleaning Business may be only for you in the event that you have had a go at everything to contain your sensitivities, however, feel like it isn't sufficient. Rather than simply obtaining the hardware to free your texture furniture and sleeping pads of allergens, you can likewise help other people in your group to feel the alleviation and make a decent pay in the meantime.

Sleeping pad cleaning organizations have been accessible for roughly 12 years in Europe, and are seconds ago beginning up in the United States. Regardless of where you live, this business has basically no opposition and is valuable to all individuals. On the off chance that you think it is exceptionally costly to begin, you're off-base.

You can discover sleeping pad cleaning administration establishments or organizations needing to set up merchants. You will buy an establishment or permit and begin your business. Whichever way the organizations incorporate the hardware, preparing, support and advertising apparatuses to help get your sleeping pad tidying administration up and running.

Each organization offers its own particular framework at its own cost, yet they ordinarily begin about $3,000 per framework and you will likely need to buy all the more than one framework. The upside of this sleeping pad cleaning business is that you will see a benefit decently fast. Nonetheless, you ought to do a few things previously acquiring your establishment or permit.

The main thing is to check with your neighborhood and state governments to discover the directions and necessities you will require. You ought to likewise check with your protection specialist to ask about protection prerequisites for your bedding cleaning business. Ensure you have these before you open for business.

You may likewise need to visit the Small business site or go to the neighborhood office and get a duplicate of accommodating structures and an example marketable strategy to use to enable you to begin your business. These structures will enable you to answer inquiries, and spending plans your speculation. It will likewise help you to find any things you may have not pondered before opening.

On the off chance that you require help financing your sleeping cushion cleaning administrations, you will require this record and in addition a proposition. You will take these to private financial specialists, banks, and the Small Business Administration. In the event that you are turned down at to start with, reconsider your proposition and marketable strategy, roll out any improvements and attempt once more. Never get debilitated.

When you have to finance and have obtained your sleeping cushion cleaning business establishment or permit, utilize the devices the organization has given you. Promote, concentrating on the capacity to get allergens out of texture furniture and sleeping pads.

Everybody has furniture and quaint little inns need those things clean. This attempts further bolstering your good fortune to get customers. Keep in mind to send a direct mail advertisement to nearby healing centers and inns reporting the opening of your fantastic sleeping pad cleaning business.

Run a promotion in your neighborhood paper. You can even run advertisements in encompassing zones, contingent upon how far you will travel. In the event that your territory has coupon mailers, consider putting a coupon on the sleeping pad cleaning business in it. It will get your business name out there. It will be outstanding amongst other approaches to promote.

When you have a couple of customers, they will begin telling loved ones and your customer base will develop. Your customers are your best promotions. You may likewise need to place fliers in a sleeping cushion and furniture stores. Continuously ask to begin with, yet they may allude individuals to your sleeping cushion cleaning business. For More Information,  Please Contact Us 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Guaranteed Mattress Cleaning Services by Fresh Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress cleaning is an important part to clean your house clean from core. It does not bring only freshness but also give hygienic area to sleep among. Our Fresh Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne is also fight against harmful bacteria and removing bed bugs. As you know dust mites and unpleasant smell can destroy your pleasant relaxation or healthy sleep. Don’t let it should be happen. As you make trust on us by helpful and risk-free mattress cleaning service. Our services should be fast and affordable.

We use the latest machines that will steam extract grime and stains and leave your mattress with a fresh fragrant smell. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solution is safe for children and animals. All of our cleaning technicians are well certified with experienced background. Steam extraction with detergent, either with portable equipment or truck mount systems are used for the best result.

How to Get rid the mattress from dust mites:-

  • Deep cleaning of mattress should be compulsory and your bed as well.
  • Remove the stubborn stains from the mattress with eco-friendly equipment's that don’t affect your mattress entirely.
  • Provide vacuum deeply from mattress and its surface also.
  • Sanitize to remove mites and its surface too.
We always recommend the mattress cleaning services around every 5-6 months. However, regular cleaning helps to extend its life and to protect the mattress during its use. Mattress cleaning is also one of the best ways to maintain a dust free and bacteria free bedroom. It is medically proven to cause the most problems. They can trigger a whole host of allergic reactions, from Asthma, itchy skin, sore eyes, sneezing, coughing and sinus problems.  

Cleaning Service
At last if you can take advantage of our affordable rates to the most comprehensive cleaning procedure available then call us on 1300 223 762. Our professional cleaners always care for their customer’s inquiries and give the best solution of them. They will gladly offer you additional information about our services and even give you a free quote. So don’t forget it and schedule an appointment for mattress cleaning online as well.