Wednesday, 3 October 2018

How to Clean a Mattress Cover?

Mites, dust, dirt, bugs and dead skin cells are common things that you could expect to find on your mattress. As all these allergens love moist and warm environment they love to stay on your mattress and spread their colony. Though they are harmless, their dropping and the body odors can cause cold when you lay on your mattress.
The sweat and the dead skin cells are the great couples that are hazardous to your health. To get rid of all these creepy allergens you must clean your mattress on a regular basis.
Simple Ways of Cleaning the Mattress Cover
Cleaning the mattress cover is pretty easy, for the good start, check the mattress cover tag carefully and read all the instruction about washing the mattress cover. If your mattress cover needs simple wash then it is easy, just wash your mattress cover in the delicate cycle mode.
If your mattress cover is made of is cotton or other delicate materials try to hand wash the covers to avoid the damages. If you find dry wash option on the mattress instruction tag, call the Professionals Mattress Cleaning and hand over the job to them.
Clean the mattress cover very frequently the same as you clean your bed sheets or vacuum the mattress cover frequently to eliminate all the pesky allergens from it.

Here Are Top 9 Habits to Follow on a Regular Basis
  1. Change the bed sheets once or twice in a week
  2. Rotate the mattress every month to make sure even wear and tear
  3. Flip your mattress once in three months
  4. Try to keep the liquids away from your bed to avoid spillages on the mattress. You should take extra care especially when you have foam or memory foam mattress.
  5. Place the mattress protector on the mattress because prevention is better than cure
  6. Vacuum your mattress on a regular basis to eliminate the dust, mites, dirt, dead skin cells and bugs etc.
  7. Decrease the temperature of your bedroom because the bacteria, mites, and bugs love only warm temperature.
  8. Avoid placing houseplants as the insects, dust, and pollens can enter your house easily.
  9. Air out your mattress regularly, try to place your mattress out during a sunny day and dry them well under the natural ventilation. This will help you to eliminate the mildew and mold.

How to Sanitize and Disinfect the Mattress
  • Remove the beddings
  • Use the upholstery attachment in the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the mattress thoroughly
  • Clean the stains on the mattress by following the stain removing techniques
  • Dry your mattress outside under proper ventilation for few hours
  • Do Mattress Steam Cleaning regularly and sprinkle the baking soda and leave it for few hours and vacuum the mattress thoroughly
  • Spray an antibacterial liquid on the mattress and wipe it clearly with a clean cloth
How to Remove the Odors from the Mattress
  • Take a bowl and prepare a mixture of the same proportion of vinegar and laundry detergent with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 drop of disinfectant. Add water to this mixture and make a smooth paste
  • Apply the mixture on the stains and dab it with a clean cloth, now wipe the area with clean water
  • Add a generous quantity of baking soda on the mattress and leave it for few hours
  • Vacuum the mattress thoroughly use the anti-odor spray to remove the odor from the mattress
Follow the tips mentioned above and keep the mattress clean on the go!